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The RA axis contains two harmonic gears. The R.A. axis contains a No. 20 80:1 main harmonic gear and a No. 11 50:1 harmonic gear. This results in virtually zero overall backlash. This is very powerful if the conditions are perfect for performing the PEC function.

The DEC axis is also equipped with a harmonic model number 20. This setting is for when using Meridian Free Mode.

All parts are CNC machined. This is the reason for improving mechanical perfection.

Robust and reliable XY stage. Smooth movement is possible by using a high-load precision slide guide and thrust bearing in the altitude adjustment part.

Various usability with one Crux. Crux200MF is equipped with German equatorial mode, Alt-Az mode, Meridian free mode, ground mode, and 2-axis time lapse mode, so it can be used for various purposes with one Crux.

The groundbreaking Meridian Free Mode. The mode can be used through simple switching depending on the deep-sky object. Optimal weight distribution enables consistent quality guiding. This has the same advantage as a fork equatorial mount.

The PEC algorithm exclusively for Crux. Titan TCS's powerful PEC function shines thanks to the backlash-free RA axis design.

High mechanical reduction ratio. Crux200MF uses a step motor. Additionally, there is no vibration when observing at high magnification through a mechanical reduction ratio of at least 2000:1

Low power design. By allowing the user to adjust the input voltage, we have laid the foundation for low-power operation in mobile observation.

Various safety functions. There are various safety support functions, including altitude limit and low altitude limit to prevent tripod collisions, and time-off function.

Electrical safety. Resistors to protect the circuit from sudden voltage changes, such as static electricity or lightning, are installed in multiple paths to increase electrical stability.

Stability at minus 30 degrees Celsius. As the TCS and machine were developed in Korea, where the annual temperature difference is large, it can be used without problems from -30 degrees Celsius to +35 degrees Celsius. There is a big difference in stability compared to low-cost harmonic equatorial drivers.

Crux mount never gets old. The independent design of the machine and controller ensures simple after-sales service even as time passes, and new technologies can be applied at any time. There is a big difference in lifespan compared to the built-in driver type.

Continuous firmware upgrades. You can enjoy the feature upgrades of Titan TCS at any time, even on older versions. There is a big difference from other companies' products that do not provide support after a certain warranty period.

Compatible with wireless environment. When upgrading the firmware of Titan TCS, you can select Wifi or Bluetooth to suit your environment.

Supports various software with its own driver. Titan TCS, which has its own advanced ASCOM driver, supports astronomy simulation programs such as NINA, APT, Asiair, The Sky, and Sky Safari pro.

Various parking assist functions. The functions are supported to respond to remote observation.

For astrophotography ; light weight 6-inch refractor, 10-inch RC, and 10-inch photo reflecting telescope.

TiTaN TCS is equipped with a list of nearly 14,000 items in its memory that can be of all interest to astrophotographers.

IAU-approved Star Name / 240

New General Catalogue / 7840

Messier Catalogue / 110

IC (Index Catalogue) Objects / 5386

Caldwell Catalogue / 109

Sharpless Catalog / 341

RCW Catalogue / 182

Gum Catalogue / 94

Barnard  Catalogue /174

The harmonic gears used are only precise through self-inspection. 

HOBYM only uses +- values within 17 arc-second. This is fundamental to the reliability of mounts produced by HOBYM Observatory.

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Diameter of shaft is 20mm


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