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TiTaN TCS - Telescope Controll System from HOBYM Observatory

TiTaN TCS (Telescope Control System) is an equatorial control system that has achieved the most powerful and advanced evolution by concentrating the best functions in the smallest size possible. In addition, since the announcement, we have built a flatform that can respond customized to user needs, complete with sufficient CPU, memory, wireless modules, and various connectors for continuous expansion and upgrade of functions.

TiTaN TCS is equipped with a list of nearly 14,000 items in its

memory that can be of all interest to astrophotographers.

IAU-approved Star Name 240

New General Catalogue 7840

Messier Catalogue 110

IC (Index Catalogue) Objects 5386

Caldwell Catalogue 109

Sharpless Catalog 341

RCW Catalogue 182

Gum Catalogue 94

Barnard  Catalogue 174

TiTaN TCS 적도의 제어 시스템의 주요 기능


1. It is equipped with a control CPU (120MHz / 32bit) and a separate 32bit CPU for communication and user interface, ensuring scalability to adopt any advanced technology in the future.


2. A total of 5 MB of memory is installed. Using this, it is possible to automatically introduce M, NGC IC, etc., which are various deep sky target lists, by installing its own automatic introduction possible list. SH-2 catalog for astrophotographers is also included.

3. Equipped with wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, providing high expandability in the future. Using this, various additional functions such as remote control can be further developed.

4. Use of variable micro-division (1/4~1/128) -> Tracking: 1/128 Microstep Slewing: Automatic conversion to 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 for high-quality tracking performance and high-speed go-to. made possible. It also controls the current simultaneously according to the speed of the motor. As a result, maximum efficiency can be achieved with low power consumption.

5. Boost up to 30V and control current through internal self-boosting function: The power of the step motor is maximized to enable powerful and smooth operation.

6. Using the LX200 compatible protocol, it is possible to immediately respond to any type of simulation astronomy software, and using the dedicated Ascom driver, it is compatible with all astronomy-related devices.

7. Remote observation possible through built-in parking function: By making it easy to set the reference point, observation and shooting can be performed with settings that suit the user's conditions.

8. Small and lightweight size 83mm
Through high-density PCB design, it is equipped with functions that ensure high scalability in a small external form.

9. All CRUX harmonic gear equatorial series can shoot without a guide system up to a focal length of 400mm using the PEC function of TitaN TCS, which is specialized for harmonic gear.

10. Adoption of graphic high-resolution small OLED display: High-resolution OLED is installed to enable real-time monitoring of motor current consumption and various information on various equatorial mount controls. (1.69" Diagonal Size, 160X128 Pixels, Full Color)​​

11. Input power: 12V / 3A: Optimization during mobile observation is realized by enabling minimum power operation through variable setting of current consumption. When tracking sidereal time, the current consumption is 0.3A~0.6A, so it is operated with very low power.

12. Power output possible using a USB connector: 5V 0.6A can be used for external devices using a USB connector.

13. A 2-port serial connection is possible using a USB port, allowing direct connection to a PC. Through this, direct connection to astronomical simulation software is possible, and in the future, GPS installation, connection of simple devices, and hub function are possible.

14. A small LED is installed so that the guide situation can be checked in real time when taking pictures.

15. A built-in beeper provides a built-in controller task completion light and a simple melody alarm function.

16. The guide port uses a photo coupler to fundamentally prevent abnormal operation of the PC, controller, or motor due to the inflow of electrical noise.

17. The new TiTaN TCS has a built-in camera shutter control controller, allowing camera control without a separate release. (2019/03/01)

18. The latest firmware has added the Light Guard version through the existing TiTaN TCS. Therefore, accurate automatic introduction and tracking became possible without adjusting the polar axis.

PEC OFF and guiding


No guiding


PEC ON and guiding
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