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June. 21st, 2024

* Please check the price and delivery date before ordering.​

* Weights are not included. ​

* The selling price does not include shipping charges.​

* The above inventory and production schedule may change without notice.​

* There is a quality warranty period of 5 years for the machine and 2 years for the electronics.​

* Since there is no dedicated tripod or pier, please inquire about existing piers or third-party tripod connection adapters when purchasing.​

* There may be changes in design without prior notice to improve product functionality.​

* The color of the surface treatment of each part may vary. This is not an abnormality or mistake, and is not a defect as it is due to subtle differences in the aluminum material.​

* Orders are placed by depositing an advance payment of 30% of the selling price.​ (Crux320HD V2)

* Selling prices may change without notice due to rapid exchange rate fluctuations or changes in raw material purchase prices.​

* In the case of harmonic gears used in the mount, specifications may change without notice depending on availability of stock on delivery date, etc.​

* The motor and reduction gear used in the mount may change depending on circumstances without prior notice.​

* The weight or motor specifications specified in the mount specifications may change without notice to improve performance.


Crux140Treveler V2

Price : 2,800 USD

Inventory : 9

​Delivery :  Shipped 3 days after payment

​한국내 구매는 문의 바랍니다.

The lightest yet strongest harmonic gear mount. We take the lead in popularizing harmonic gear mounts by reducing unit costs through mass production. The best portability for expedition use and the advanced system of TiTaN TCS combine to provide the best competitiveness.


Crux 200MF NEW!!

Price :  5,600 USD

Inventory : 2

Next production schedule : Mid-Aug.

​한국내 구매는 문의 바랍니다.


This wave gear mount can accommodate up to C14 despite its total weight of 13kg. Most amateur telescopes produce enough torque to be able to operate without weights. It can be said to be the pinnacle of portable harmonic mounts. Meridian Free Mode is included for the first time.


Crux 320HD V2

Price : 9,900 USD

Inventory : Delivery within one month after ordering

​한국내 구매는 문의 바랍니다.


This is the highest level of mobility, the Harmonic Mount, which can be moved with a weight of 26kg but can carry a payload of up to 60kg. By using two harmonics on the right ascension axis, powerful torque and backlash of the intermediate reducer are eliminated. The system can also be built for a fixed remote astronomical observatory, and the RA axis can be produced with a long length depending on the user's request.


​Crux T-4000 V2

Price : 16,800 USD

Inventory : Order made

Delivery within one month after ordering

​한국내 구매는 문의 바랍니다.


By using two harmonic reducers on the RA axis, it has both strong torque and agility. The best mobile equatorial T-4000. It is an equatorial camera that has a payload of 150kg and can load up to a 24-inch lightweight RC telescope. The T-4000 is Hobim Observatory's flagship mass-produced equatorial mount.

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