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Service announcement for CRUX 140

Service announcement

To CRUX 140 traveler equatorial mount users.

We recognized that harmonic gears in CRUX 140 equatorial mounts are defected and it cause bouncing guide graph. This will affect to your astrophotography and high-power observation. We are sorry for your inconvenience and Hobym observatory will support repairment service as below.

1. Symptom

- Guide graph shows sudden peaks

- In a high-power observation, object move and return suddenly

2. Defected products

- CRUX 140 Traveler mounts which build in 2020.

- This symptom happened in 30% of CRUX 140 equatorial mounts

- CRUX mounts other than CRUX 140 do not shows this problem.

- If you have experienced this symptom, please contact your dealer.

3. Cause

- Defected harmonic gears

4. Solution

- Replace defected harmonic gears to problem solved new harmonic gears.

5. Costs and Time Periods

- HOBYM observatory will cover all expenses include parts and shipping.

- It will take 3-month Max. because of COVID-19.

6. Shipping destination

- Please ship your CRUX 140 to appointed address after contacting your dealer.

- Please send your mount and bag with stable packing. No need to send TCS and cables.

- After replacement of harmonic gear, we will ship to you through your dealer (or directly, in special case)

7. Service implementation date

- From 1st Feb 2021 to 31st Jan 2022


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